Story Behind the Image - Ahnu Hiking Boots

Story Behind the Image - Ahnu Hiking Boots

For today's blog post I would love to give a back story to a new image I created just this past evening. Last night I had an idea in mind for some awesome hiking boots photos!  So Chloe and I set off to Lost Dog Trail, which is part of the McDowell Mountain Range in Scottsdale.   As I'm always looking to build my commercial / advertising portfolio I thought this would be a great opportunity.......

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Kayaking Adventure | Daily VLOG #16

Get ready for the most epic birthday adventure weekend ever!  That's right, I took Chloe kayaking, and hiking, among other spontaneous events.

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Boots in the Fall - Photo Shoot with Chloe and her Best Friends

Chloe my girlfriend, and her friends asked me to follow them around this past weekend photographing them having a great time since it is all of our's senior year in college and most of us will be moving in separate ways after we graduate.  During the day we decided to get creative and got the girls up in a tree and took a picture of the groups boots. Boots in the Fall